King's Legacy

King's Legacy 2.85

Build your very own medieval kingdom and protect your people
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King's Legacy is a great application developed for all those who like adventure and strategy games. At the beginning of the game you enter the medieval atmosphere of a kingdom you have to rebuild from the outset. You need to develop the village, starting from building one cottage, a lumberjack and a farm. Afterwards, step by step, you have to start making use of your management and trading skills, to complete the tasks and see your kingdom grow.

The game is very entertaining and educational, thus being a great option for kids who want to learn about the administration of communities, all the skills and responsibilities it takes to rule. It is a great leadership lesson they would learn gradually, as they go from one level to another.

King's Legacy is provided with good video and audio quality, both contributing to a good experience. Still, while running, it has the tendency to slow down the performance of your computer. The game is captivating, as it offers great challenges and aims to burnish your strategy skills in an entertaining manner. Your children might enjoy it at the fullest, so it's worth trying.

Jessie Hodgson
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  • Entertaining and educational game, high video and audio quality, fair price


  • It may slow down the performance of your computer
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